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Dialyzer Reprocessing System  

Nexus Medical specialises in renal solutions business since the commencement of its operations in year 2009, and has been focusing in distributing new technology & innovative medical products in Malaysia.

Our Philosophy

Serving the healthcare industry with exceptional quality care!


MAKY™ 21.1

Simplify Reprocessing with Advanced Technology

Safe & cost effective reprocessing system to maximise dialyzer REUSE!

  • Aggressive Reprocessing
  • Self-Sufficient
  • Multiple Programs
  • Interactive On-Screen Menus
  • Built-in Diagnostic Routine
  • Ease of Diagnostic & Maintenance

Cleaning and Disinfecting


Maximize Dialyzer Reprocessing Efficient at your Facility.

Peracidin's primary active ingredient is peroxyacetic acid, a cleaning agent with a long history of being a preferred cleaner and disinfectant.

  • Bactericidal
  • Sporicidal
  • Tuberculocidal
  • Pseudomonacidal
  • Virucidal
  • Effective against non-tuberculous mycobacteria (NTM)


It's time to reach the impossible.

Our healthcare products will take your life to the next level.

Peracetic Acid
for testing the potency of peracetic acid in dislyzer reuse

Residual Chlorine
for testing the residual chlorine in rinse water

Residual Peroxide
for testing the residual peroxide in the rinse water

Water Hardness
for testing the total hardness in water

Header Cleaner


A cost effective and compliant method of cleaning dialyzer headers without damaging dialyzer fibers.

  • Designed to clean dialyzer headers without damaging dialyzer fibers
  • Reusable
  • Consistent with AAMI Standard “Reuse of Hemodialyzers”
  • Improves the rinsing of dialyzer headers by spraying two lateral jets of RO water to loosen residual blood and other debris from the headers, header spaces, and header caps of multiple-use hemodialyzers
  • Root Canals

We are the authorised distributor (Malaysia & Brunei) for

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